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Content takes too much time

You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have the time to waste on experimenting with content, then waiting and waiting to see if all of that writing is really worth the effort.

You know you need content marketing. But when you read about the importance of creating content quality content, you think “Wow, that sounds like a lot of time… That I don’t have!

And even if you did have the time to invest in content, would it even pay off?

How exactly would that happen? And how soon? And who will I need to hire? How will I train them?

What’s the strategy?

These are good questions. They deserve good answers.

How to scale your content marketing

So what will it take to do content marketing effectively, without eating up all of your bandwidth?

It comes down to these two things:

  • Your content marketing strategy
  • Your content marketing system

Get the right strategy in place and you’ll attract the best possible leads into your funnel, nurture them with smart educational content, and close the sale with well-timed opportunities to convert.

Get the systems in place to execute on your strategy week in, week out, all year long, in a predictable, measurable, and scalable way.

When you’re ready to double down on content, this is the essential training you and your team will need.

Your Content Marketing Game Plan

The definitive training for founders, teams, and agencies looking to start, execute, and scale content marketing. This self-paced program comes with 4 essential components:


The Playbook

A 200+ page book packed with actionable step-by-step strategies.
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Video Training

Video Training

Over 4 hours of video modules to train you (and your team) on key concepts, tactics, with visual examples.
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Put everything into action with ready-to-use checklists, procedures, guidelines, templates, and worksheets.
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Expert Interviews

Expert Interviews

See behind-the-scenes of how content is run by some of web’s most trusted companies who’ve built their names with content.
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By Brian Casel &

Led by Brian Casel and contributions from the expert content marketing team at Audience Ops. This training program peels back the curtain on the strategies we’ve refined through years of building sustainable and profitable content marketing strategies.

Brian Casel built and sold his first business, which he grew primarily through content marketing.

Then he started Audience Ops, which has helped hundreds of companies grow traffic, nurture and close more leads with consistent, high value, educational content.

Through years of refinements, Brian and the team have built a system and strategy for running content that focuses on scalability and automation. Now we’re sharing our system so you can put it into action in your company.

The Playbook & Modules

These 7 modules serve as your roadmap to guide you through building, optimizing and scaling your content marketing system.

Training Module

Build Your Content Strategy

Establish your content strategy document to serve as your framework for every strategic and tactical decision when it comes to your content plan.

Training Module

Assemble Your Infrastructure

From hiring a team to designing your blog and setting up social media platforms, this module guides you through the nuts and bolts.

Training Module

Mapping Out Your Funnel

From basic to advanced marketing funnels, incorporating paid and organic traffic, nurturing leads with email automation, and closing sales. It’s all mapped out with diagrams.

Training Module

Planning Content

Developing audience personas, doing keyword and topic research, headline development, planning your content calendar, and launching lead magnets.

Training Module

Producing Content

Delegating and managing content production, outlining and drafting, optimizing and formatting content, scheduling and publishing.

Training Module

Promoting Content

From early traction to evergreen automated promotion, this module covers email marketing, social media promotion, influencer outreach, paid advertising, and repurposing content.

Training Module

Measurement & Optimization

Determining your key performance indicators (KPI), setting up your measuring dashboard, determining ROI, optimizing and tweaking your content strategy based on data.

Content Marketing Templates

Ready-to-Use Templates & SOPs

Included with every module in the course are ready-to-use templates, checklists, procedures, worksheets, and guides to put into action in your business.

Give these to your team or use them yourself. Think of these as your building blocks for assembling your content marketing system.

  • Content Strategy Template
  • Team Roles & Descriptions
  • Editorial Calendar Template
  • Blog Article Production Checklist
  • Content Promotion Checklist
  • Social Media Platform Setups
  • Paid Advertising Setup & Management Checklists
  • Email Outreach Templates
  • Email Marketing Automation Workflows
  • Funnel Diagrams
  • KPI Reporting Dashboard
  • And more...

Expert Teardown Interviews

Go behind-the-scenes with some of the best content marketers from some of the web's most trusted brands. Learn from the strategies they've used to drive massive growth.

Ash Read, Buffer

Ash Read

Hiten Shah, Kissmetrics

Hiten Shah

Devin Bramhall, HelpScout

Devin Bramhall

Bob Jenkins, LeadPages

Bob Jenkins

Justin McGill, LeadFuze

Justin McGill

Zach Grove, Drip

Zach Grove

Ruben Gamez, Bidsketch

Ruben Gamez

Brian Casel, Audience Ops

Brian Casel

Audience Ops

Content Strategy Coaching

Looking for more personalized guidance and insight for your particular business?

Our optional coaching upgrade matches you up with an expert content strategist from Audience Ops to help you work out your content strategy, plan topics, and put together your game plan.

  • 1
    Take your time to go through the course material.
  • 2
    When you’re ready, schedule your first call with your content coach. We’ll interview you about your business and niche, and you can pick our brain and ask any questions.
  • 3
    Then we’ll take a week to do some additional research to identify and recommend topics and a content strategy that fits your business.
  • 4
    We’ll have our 2nd call to present these topics and discuss strategy.
  • 5
    We’ll set up your editorial calendar and checklists, and we’ll also give you a well-defined content action plan you can start implementing right away!

Training Packages

One-time Purchase. Lifetime Access.

Game Plan


200+ Page Playbook

7 Video Modules

12+ templates, checklists, & worksheets

8 teardown interviews

Private Slack Community

Plus Extras...

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Game Plan + Coaching


Everything included with Game Plan, plus...

Two calls with an Audience Ops content strategist

2 months worth of topics research

Private Slack Community

Plus Extras...

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One Two More Things

Extras that come with your training package...

Content Calendar Icon

Extended 60-Day Free Trial of
Audience Ops Calendar

A smarter content calendar tool that puts your content marketing on autopilot.

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$500 Off Your First Month of Audience Ops
Done-For-You Content Service

Done-for-you content that helps your business grow your audience and customer base.

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Questions & Answers

When will I receive my invite?

The first invites will be sent in early 2017 to those who’ve joined the early access list. You can join that list here.

How long does it take to complete the program?

You can consume the material at your own pace. Most students take do a broad-strokes run through within a week, then study the sections that are most relevant to them as they progress through building their content marketing system.

I do content marketing for clients. Is this program for me?

Yes, this program teaches you how to build a systematized, scalable content strategy that you can implement for clients. In fact, we've built just that with our Audience Ops Done-For-You Content service, and a large portion of the material came from our insights while building our service.

That said, this program is not specifically about building an agency or a productized service. If you're looking for a course on building a productized service business, check out Brian Casel's other course, Productize.

Will I need to be an Audience Ops Calendar user in order to make use of this training?

No, you do not to use Audience Ops Calendar to use this training. The material can certainly be applied without it.

That being said, we designed Audience Ops Calendar specifically for the purpose of automating and optimizing many of the strategies taught in this training program. So as an added bonus, we've bundled an extended 60-day free trial of Audience Ops Calendar with this training.

Is the program self-paced?

Yes, the program self-paced. You’ll gain access to all course material from day one, and you can make your way through it as fast or as slow as you need. You’ll have lifetime access to refer back (and access updated material) anytime.

Can I use the program to train my team?

You sure can! While some of the material is for business owners to give you the strategy and high-level vision, much of the material covers the process of producing content, which can (and often should) be handed off to team to get them on the same page. We even included templates, checklists, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) your team can start using from day 1.

Will I need to use any specific tools in order to make use of this traning?

Nope. This training is tool-agnostic. You can use WordPress, Squarespace, or any other CMS. You can use Drip, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, or any other email tool. Any social media or analytics tools too.

This course gives you the strategy and processes, which can be applied using any combination of popular tools.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re here to help fill in any gaps. We're also always looking for ways to expand and improve the training!

If you decide you want to cancel your lifetime access, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I have more questions...

Shoot us an email and ask us anything!

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