Proof in Your Customer's Words.

Done-For-You Customer Case Studies Content

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Seal more deals with customer case studies.

Nobody can sell the value of your product better than your best customers.

They've felt the wins, experienced the transformations, and has reaped the rewards—all thanks to being a customer of yours.

Now it's time to let them tell, in their own unique words, why working with your business was such a good decision.

More than just testimonials

Case study content that truly drives proof goes way beyond basic testimonial quotes—But we'll get those quotes for you too.

Audience Ops' case studies service will produce high-quality, in-depth customer stories. Our content team asks the right questions to get the most resonant insights from your customers. We'll feature their journey from discovering to succeeding with your product.

Your warmest leads want to hear the stories of others who've been in their shoes. We produce these high quality case studies, ready for you to hand to those leads to seal the deal.

No legwork required.

What if all you had to do was make a simple email introduction?

We'll take care of the rest: From scheduling and interviewing your customers, to recording and producing video/audio interviews, to writing high quality case study articles, to pulling the best quotes to highlight, to presentation and publishing. All done for you.

You've been meaning to get case studies done forever. This gets it done. And gets it done right.

“Content marketing is an asset that we can leverage in everything we do. Audience Ops helped us build real content we can promote instead of just offers.”

Jordan Gal, CartHook
Jordan Gal Founder, CartHook

“If you’re running a business, you have a thousand things to do. Sign up with Audience Ops and never think about content again. It’s been a no-brainer for us.”

Nathan Powell, Nusii
Nathan Powell Founder, Nusii

Case Studies as a Growth Lever

Here are just a few of the ways you can leverage quality case studies content to grow your business:

Bottom-of-funnel content

When someone has already discovered your solution, now they're evaluating whether they're the right fit to buy. Case studies are the perfect tool for converting customers at the bottom of your funnel.

Drive more referral business

Successful customers love to talk about how smart they are for choosing to work with you! Letting them participate in a case study makes them more likely to go a step further and recommend your service more often.

Drive conversions with social proof

Leverage the best customer testimonial quotes that rise to the surface while producing their case studies. Use these on your website to drive more conversions thanks to tried-and-true social proof.

Activate your social media presence

Post clips and quotes from the words of your customers to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networks where your presence matters. Activate your following by giving them real stories they can relate to.

How it Works

Case Study Interviews

Customer Interviews

We'll host a ~30-minute recorded interview with your customers
Learn about interviews

Case Studies Content Production

Writing & Production

Our team of writers will turn the interview into high-quality, written case study content.
Learn about production

Case Study Publishing

Presentation & Publishing

We'll publish the pieces to your blog, pull out the best testimonial quotes, and create a finished case studies pack (PDF).
Learn about presentation & publishing

Case Study Interviews

Customer interviews done right

Having someone other than yourself interviewing the customers really helps them open up and share valuable insights.

Our content experts craft questions designed to get the customer's best story, told in the most resonant way possible.

We handle the interview process from start to finish

  • Customer interview scheduling
  • Pre-interview research
  • Question & story planning
  • Interview recording
  • Follow up with customer after publishing
Case Studies Content Production

Professionally produced case studies content

The Audience Ops team knows content. We produce high quality, original customer story content based on the research we gathered in the customer interview.

In addition, we prepare audio and/or video versions of the customer interview, tightly edited and optimized for distribution.

We'll also pull out key testimonial quotes you can use as social proof on your website and elsewhere.

The case studies content production process includes

  • Original written case study articles
  • Email newsletter promoting the case study
  • Social media posts to distribute the case study
  • Testimonial quotes
Case Study Publishing

Presentation & publishing, handled for you.

We'll package your case studies content into a nicely designed PDF pack, ready to hand to your warmest leads, or offer as a download from your website.

We can also set up, schedule and publish your case study articles to your blog.

In addition, every case study includes writing of an email newsletter message and social media posts to distribute to your audience. We can schedule and publish those for you too.

Finally, we will give you short testimonial quotes and/or short video testimonials and advise on the optimal placement of these on your site.

Here’s our case studies presentation & publishing checklist

  • Case Studies PDF pack
  • Case Study Blog Articles
  • Email Newsletter Scheduling
  • Social Media Scheduling

Let’s launch your case studies.

Case study content is included with any blogging or podcasting plan. Talk to us about incorporating case studies into your content calendar.

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