Buyers don’t trust brands–they trust people

Give your potential buyers proof (real stories from your happy customers) with done-for-you case studies

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Establish credibility and grow trust with customer stories.

Nobody can sell the value of your product better than your best customers.

They've felt the wins, experienced the transformations, and have reaped the rewards—all thanks to being your customer.

Now it's time to let them share with others, in their own words, why working with your business was such a good decision.

Good quality case studies take time and energy to complete. We make it easy for you to get them done.

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Audience Ops Delivers More Than Just Testimonials

Case studies aren’t just “quick quotes” for the website homepage. They’re a part of a growing collection of reasons to believe your company is the best solution for your prospects.

We interview your customers to capture authentic testimonials of why they love your company.

Our team finds and crafts customer stories that share their experiences and highlight your company’s role in their success. Choose from written, video, or a combination of both. Why opt for a video version? Because it’s incredibly powerful to watch a real person explain why your company is so great.

You’ll be able to feature this undeniable proof everywhere your audience encounters your brand: on your website, in emails, on social media, your YouTube channel, in paid campaigns, etc.*

*Audience Ops will help you publish your case studies to your website. If you have further distribution needs, we can help with those, too. Let us know.

Case study pricing starts at $750.

“Content marketing is an asset that we can leverage in everything we do. Audience Ops helped us build real content we can promote instead of just offers.”

Jordan Gal, CartHook
Jordan Gal Founder, CartHook

“If you’re running a business, you have a thousand things to do. Sign up with Audience Ops and never think about content again. It’s been a no-brainer for us.”

Nathan Powell, Nusii
Nathan Powell Founder, Nusii

Case Studies as a Growth Lever

Here are just a few of the ways you can leverage quality case studies content to grow your business:

Bottom-of-funnel content

When someone has already discovered your solution, now they're evaluating whether they're the right fit to buy. Case studies are the perfect tool for converting customers at the bottom of your funnel.

Drive more referral business

Successful customers love to talk about how smart they are for choosing to work with you! Letting them participate in a case study makes them more likely to go a step further and recommend your service more often.

Drive conversions with social proof

Leverage the best customer testimonial quotes that rise to the surface while producing their case studies. Use these on your website to drive more conversions thanks to tried-and-true social proof.

Activate your social media presence

Post clips and quotes from the words of your customers to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networks where your presence matters. Activate your following by giving them real stories they can relate to.

Case Study Interviews

Customer interviews done right

Having someone from outside the company interview your customers helps them open up and share valuable insights that you may not be able to gather.

Our experts craft questions designed to get the customer's best story, told in a way that your prospects will find relatable.

We handle the interview process from start to finish.

  • Customer interview scheduling
  • Pre-interview research
  • Question & story planning
  • Interview recording
  • Communication with your client from start to finish
Case Studies Content Production

Professionally produced case studies

We can produce both case study videos and original narrative customer stories based on interviews, research, and our initial kickoff with your company.

We'll also pull out key testimonial quotes you can use as social proof on your website and elsewhere.

The case studies content production process includes

  • Original written case study article
  • Testimonial quotes
  • Transcript of the conversation
  • Option to add on 3-4 minute produced video
  • Full audio and video for your future use

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