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Our Teammates Say...

“There’s so much that sets Audience Ops apart—including the really supportive team environment. But, for me, it’s the level of organization that really stands out. Also — being a freelancer can be really isolating, so it’s so nice to be able to connect with all of our other team members through Slack, share family pics and Netflix recommendations!”

Kat, Wisconsin

"Audience Ops is by far my easiest freelancing gig. The team has a clear, standardized, and easy-to-follow process that lets me just focus on the writing. Getting paid is refreshingly easy, too. Payments are always accurate and delivered on schedule. I would recommend Audience Ops to any freelancer because it's a great way to add stability to your (typically hectic) schedule."

Dennis, Connecticut

“When working remotely, it is hard to find a team atmosphere, but that is what Audience Ops provides. I highly recommend other freelancers to join the AO team for the team support, great business model, great communication and the ability to really strengthen your career. Audience Ops takes care of its freelancers and pairs freelancers perfectly with the proper clients. Everyone brings different strengths, ideas and support to the team.”

Stephanie, New York

“The consistency and support that Audience Ops provides is priceless. As a freelancer, there can be ups and downs in workload, and being at Audience Ops has given me a much stronger sense of stability but still allows for the flexibility that’s important. There is also still time for (and support of) the other projects, which is important because most freelancers have other jobs or projects that are important to them.”

Sara, California

“Working at Audience Ops has provided me with a stable income, a wonderful assortment of writing projects, and an engaged community of fellow freelancers. Everyone here truly cares about providing quality service, and not just to clients but also to each other! I appreciate our collaborative environment, and I’m a better writer because of it.”

Jo, West Virginia

"Audience Ops makes it easy and predictable for writers, which makes it a lot easier to plan out monthly income as a full-time freelance writer. They also provides writers with an amazing support team that handles every aspect of the content marketing process. This enables writers to focus exclusively on producing great content rather than dealing with clients, marketing, posting, invoicing, and other tasks. Also, it's great to work on a diverse range of topics and industries."

Justin, Colorado

“Working at Audience Ops has changed my life. I almost gave up on working remotely, but the team has treated me like family. My motivation from work doesn’t come solely from getting my paycheck, but also being able to work with awesome people who actually care for their team members.”

Allen, Philippines

“Joining the Audience Ops team provided me with stable work as I was building up my own client base and helped me feel confident about taking my freelance career from side hustle to full-time. The internal training and processes are exceptionally well-organized and easy to follow, without being micro-managed. Best of all, the team is made up of smart, talented people who are a pleasure to work with.”

Ashley, Oregon

"Working at Audience Ops has helped me branch into more writing niches than I ever expected. I absolutely recommend that writers get onboard - you get to work with a cool team and it is one of the most reliable gigs out there for a freelancer. Standards are high which is awesome, because you know everyone is working hard and values the reputation of the company."

Katie, California

“AO is different than other freelance positions because the support system is strong and all of my fellow freelancers are all supportive, encouraging, and also hard-working. I recommend people joining the AO team because it is a very positive experience. The clients, the fellow freelancers, and the processes are impressive and I love working here.”

Christy, Oklahoma

"Audience Ops has benefited me so much as a professional. All of the procedures are open and available for anyone to learn any aspect of the business. Plus, we're a great team and like a family :)"

Ryan, Philippines

"When you work at AudienceOps, expectations are clear and reasonable. The flexibility to do your work when and where you choose is invaluable, and the team is always there to support you if you need help. As a writer, I appreciate that I can focus on creating the best content possible and rely on the team's competent managers to take care of the rest."

Lindsay, Ohio