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Let’s launch a great podcast for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could launch a podcast that your customers will actually want to listen to?

Of course it would.

But launching (and sustaining) a weekly podcast or YouTube channel is a ton of work. It’s complicated. It’s technical. It’s time consuming.

How will you make it interesting? How will you keep it fresh (when you’ve run out of ideas)? And how will you get it recorded, edited and produced at a professional level?

No legwork required.

What if all you need to do is show up for a call, answer some on-air interview questions, and let experienced podcasters take care of the rest?

That’s what Audience Ops Podcasting does.

We’ll be your producer, on-air host, editor, and publishing team. You be the subject-matter expert.

“A podcast involves so many moving parts, but Audience Ops made the process seamless and frictionless. I am so impressed with how everything came together, from the artwork to our host, the music, the topics, all of it. Audience Ops made our podcast a reality in a matter of weeks.”

Michael Ashford, The Receptionist
Michael Ashford Director of Marketing, The Receptionist

“Audience Ops has done it again. Top-tier podcast content, produced by experts, using all the best practices, while not requiring more than an hour of my time per month. AND at a fraction of the cost of doing it all myself. Audience Ops Podcasting is a no-brainer.”

Jono Landon, Hubbli
Jono Landon Founder, Hubbli

Your Podcast as a Growth Lever

Here are just a few of the ways you can leverage your own Podcast or YouTube channel to grow your business:

Meet your customers, on air

Your customers and audience will get your best, first-hand knowledge and insights straight from you. Plus, listeners tune in with their undivided attention and get to know the people behind your business.

Establish your presence on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine (behind Google, which owns YouTube). Publishing high-quality video content to your YouTube channel increases your visibility in both YouTube and Google.

A win-win biz dev tool

Striking up relationships with partners and influencers by inviting them to be featured on your podcast! It’s free exposure for them, great content for your listeners, and a great first-step to a fruitful relationship. In the biz, we call that a win-win-win!

Get found in more places

The iTunes podcast directory has become an important search channel, yet still isn't over-saturated like the major search engines. Plus, syndicate your podcast episodes across all of the major platforms like Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and YouTube.

Increase on-site SEO and stickiness

Publishing high-quality audio, video, images, and show notes (or transcripts) provides visitors with plenty of content to discover and stick around for. That means more search destinations and opportunities to drive leads and subscribers.

Repurpose into more content

Outsourcing your blog writing? Give your writing team episodes of your podcast to listen to so they can weave your personal insights and voice into written articles, ebooks, emails and more. (By the way, need a writing team? We’re here to help.)

How it Works

Podcast Launch & Planning

Plan & Launch

Meet with our producer and we’ll create and plan the launch of your new podcast.
Learn about launching

Podcast Recording

Record Conversations

In a call or two per month, we’ll record our conversations with you (or others).
Learn about episodes

Podcast distribution

Publish & Distribute

We'll professionally edit, upload and publish your episodes and promote them to your email list and social media.
Learn about publishing

Podcast Launch

Your podcast launch done right.

Starting a podcast isn’t as simple as just pressing record. It takes careful planning and creativity to get it right.

As experienced podcast producers and content experts, we’ll manage and execute every aspect of your launch, with your input and ideas, of course.

Your done-for-you podcast launch includes

  • Show title & tagline
  • Podcast artwork
  • Intro music
  • Setup your podcast feed
  • Submit to iTunes & other platforms
  • Planning topics
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Announcement email
Podcast Recording & Content

Subscribe-worthy content

Your podcast needs to be interesting, relevant, and original if it's going to attract (and keep) subscribers tuning in every week.

Our hosts are experienced on-air personalities who are skilled at the art of the interview.

We plan and ask the right questions to tee you (or others) up to drop your knowledge and insights.

Your episodes can be made up of a mix of any of these

  • Interviews with your CEO
  • Interviews with your team
  • Interviews with your customers
  • Interviews with your guests
  • We’ll host episodes solo and talk through a prepared topic or listener questions.
Podcast Distribution

Published & distributed everywhere.

We handle all of the legwork to get your episodes published and distributed.

Our professional audio editors produce amazing-sounding episodes, complete with optimal meta-data.

Our producer will write up every episode’s show notes, we’ll set up and publish to your blog, and distribute the feed to all of the major platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.

Then we’ll write and send an email newsletter to your list, along with a batch of social media posts to promote each episode.

Here’s our episode publishing checklist

  • Episode show notes
  • Episode image
  • Episode blog post
  • Publish to iTunes & all other platforms.
  • Write & send an email newsletter for each episode.
  • Write & post each episode to social media.

Optional Enhancements

Power up your podcasting service with any of these optional add-ons:

Publish to YouTube

We’ll record interviews as videos and cross-post your podcast episodes to your YouTube channel.

Full transcriptions

In addition to our summarized show notes, we&rsqul;ll have entire episodes transcribed word-for-word and publish the text (great for search engine visibility)

Blogging service

Combine our podcasting service with our blogging service (at a discount) and our team can use your podcast as research material for articles.

Podcasting Service

Simple Pricing

Packages to fit your podcasting needs

Our two plans are the same except for the frequency of episodes.

Weekly Podcast

$7,200 paid every 12 weeks
  • First 12 weeks: onboarding phase + 10 podcasts
  • Every 12 weeks after: 12 podcasts

Podcasting Weekly

Let’s Talk

Bi-Weekly Podcast

$3,900 paid every 12 weeks
  • First 12 weeks: onboarding phase + 4 podcasts
  • Every 12 weeks after: 6 podcasts

Podcasting Bi-Weekly

Let’s Talk
Note: For clients who need technical content requiring more specialized knowledge, there will be a quarterly surcharge.

All Plans Include:


  • 1 call with your on-air host/Podcast manager, ~45 minutes each
  • Research and topic planning
  • 8 initial topic ideas
  • 3 options for title, music, and artwork
  • Bumper script creation
  • Set up with your tools: CMS, email marketing, social accounts
  • Recording session for first two podcasts
  • ~4 weeks to complete

Content Creation

  • iTunes and Spotify configuration
  • Scheduled recording time
  • Content delivered weekly or every other week based on your plan
  • Additional topic planning sessions

Delivery and Distribution

  • 5-6 Talking points created by your host prior to the recording
  • 15-20 minute podcast recorded, show notes and social posts
  • Creation of featured image with podcast title and episode number
  • Copy editing of show notes, newsletter and socials
  • Creation of episode specific intro and outro
  • We can add each podcast to your site, newsletter, socials

Podcasting Add-Ons

Video and Youtube: $900-$1,800
  • $1800 for weekly plan; $900 for bi-weekly plan
  • Podcast will be video recorded in addition to audio
  • Light editing of the video
  • Upload to YouTube and embed in your Podcast post
Full Transcriptions: $450-$900
  • $900 for weekly plan; $450 for bi-weekly plan
  • In addition to show notes, a transcript of the episode will be created and added to the podcast post

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Let’s launch your podcast.

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