About the show

Sprints and Milestones is a podcast where Brett Harned and Greg Storey share war stories, tips, tactics, and anecdotes on navigating the sometimes rough waters of  getting digital projects done. If you’re leading projects and want some help and reassurance that you’re doing the right things, you’ve found the right podcast. 

Audience Ops is producing Season 2 where Brett and Greg are back to explore a new theme: failure. In a world that celebrates success and outcomes, it’s easy to forget that the road to where we want to be is paved with failure. On each episode, we welcome a new guest as they share stories of failure, real failure, and the lessons they learned from these experiences. Our hope is that these stories will help us be better on the job and better people as well. 

Season 2 launches Spring, 2023.

Meet the Hosts

Greg Storey

Greg Storey is a design leader with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Greg has collaborated on projects with a multitude of companies, including IBM, Sundance Film Festival, and Stanford University. 

His first book, Remote Work for Design Teams, was released in 2020.   

Brett Harned

Brett Harned is a digital project management consultant with over 20 years of experience in project management and creative leadership. Brett has worked on a variety of projects and campaigns for clients such as Zappos, MTV, and Harvard University. 

He published his first book, Project Management for Humans, in 2017. 

The Process for Season 2

This season was collaborative project between Brett, Greg, and the team at Audience Ops. Brett and Greg approached us with an interesting question about failure and a series of guests they wanted to interview.

We began by brainstorming with Brett and Greg about the scope and purpose of the project and helped determine the questions for the interviews. Then, Brett and Greg interviewed their guests and sent us the audio recordings.

Audience Ops provided audio production, music, and editing to turn these conversations into story-driven podcasts. We also helped coordinate preparing artwork and social media posts for the launch of the season.

Because of the intentional work that went into this podcast, these conversations tell a larger story about Brett and Greg on a search for the meaning of failure and the value of process in a world that values outcomes and results. 

Brett and Greg have nice things to say about Audience Ops. Check back soon for their official words.

Sprints & Milestones

Check out Sprints & Milestones on iTunes. Season 2 produced by Audience Ops.