Launch a quality podcast. Fast.

Prove you know what you’re talking about… by talking about it

You know podcasting builds brand authority, but it’s too much legwork

Launching (and sustaining) a weekly podcast or YouTube channel is a ton of work.

  • It’s complicated.
  • It’s technical.
  • It’s time consuming.

You need help getting it planned, launched, recorded, edited, produced, and distributed at a professional level.

From a team that knows how to position you and your brand as highly credible and fast track you to producing an industry-leading series.

You’re the subject matter expert (or know how to interview them). Show up, think, and ask or answer questions. We’ll do the rest.

We'll help you create a subscribe-worthy podcast or video series

Quality conversations

We make sure your podcast is interesting, relevant, and original, so that it will attract (and keep) subscribers tuning in every week.

Data Review

You collect the data (views, downloads, channel data) and we’ll help interpret and plan for upcoming episodes. 

Your expertise front and center

We plan and ask the right questions to tee you (or others) up to drop knowledge and insights.

Multiple formats

Your episodes can be made up of a mix of interviews with your CEO, team, customers, or guest experts. 

Check out some examples

Explores how companies of any size can create culture and core values that employees actually live out

Success stories of innovators who’ve won by taking the path less traveled

Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 8.36.20 AM

On the Archery Ops Podcast, host Tim Gillingham talks with the top experts in archery and bowhunting

Accountants discuss experiences with accruals, audits, automation, ERP systems, and more

What clients say about our podcast
and video content

Michael Ashford,  Director of Marketing at the Receptionist, explains how The Fabric Podcast that Audience Ops helped them build has become a critical piece of their content strategy.

How our podcast creation process works

Your team has experts and thought leaders. We have the production team and hosts if you need one. Together, we’ll create a podcast that your best customers (current and future) can’t get enough of.

We start strong with an introductory meeting where we address the big picture items including landing on the focus of the show, kicking around title ideas, and any episode ideas you may have.

So… How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $700/episode for an audio podcast and $1500 for audio + video. Prices change based on how much additional content you want us to create.

Check out the different assets we can develop for you.

Regardless of frequency, we have a month of onboarding and show/series development where we confirm the content plan, develop the video and visual assets and make sure you’re technically set up to get recording. Your kick-off phase (Usually about a month) is $750 for audio only podcast, $1,500 for video podcast.

Audio Only Podcast
starts at $700/episode
Audio + Video Podcast