About Audience Ops

Looking for some background info about Audience Ops?  Here ya go 🙂  Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

A Content Marketing Company

Audience Ops is a content marketing company, which offers a mix of products and services all aimed at helping you start and scale your content strategy.

Founded by Brian Casel in early 2015, the company’s initial offering was it’s productized Done-For-You Content Service, which continues to thrive to this day. In 2017, with the content service running on all cylinders, the product line expanded to include Audience Ops Calendar, a software tool which helps you automate, streamline and measure content marketing, and Content Marketing Game Plan, a training program built for founders and their teams to provide our system and strategy for running content marketing in your business.

Along the way, we also built and continue to expand a growing line of WordPress plugins which provide targeted tools for content marketing, such as our Content Upgrades and Landing Pages plugins.

Founded & run by Brian Casel


Brian Casel

Brian Casel started Audience Ops in early 2015, shortly after he sold his previous business, Restaurant Engine, which was a web design product for the hospitality industry. Content marketing was the primary driver behind the growth of Restaurant Engine. But what made it possible to scale (and eventually exit) was the fact that Brian built systems and put a team in place to handle every aspect of the content marketing process, from research to writing to promotion. This system (and the interest and questions Brian routinely heard from other founders asking about content) led to the idea of building a content marketing company aimed at solving this critical problem for business owners: How to do content marketing at scale.

Brian writes on his personal blog, casjam.com, where he shares insights into starting and building businesses. Having built 2 successful businesses using the productized service model, Brian also teaches and coaches business owners through his Productize program. Brian also co-hosts a weekly podcast called Bootstrapped Web, which shares personal accounts and conversations about building businesses online.

An Amazing Team

Audience Ops wouldn’t be what it is today without the awesome work of our extremely talented team of content professionals. We’re a 100% remote team, all working and collaborating daily with tools like Slack, Google Docs, video calls, good ‘ol email, and of course, our own Audience Ops Calendar collaboration tool.

Most of our team—including all of our writers and managers—are based throughout the United States. We’re joined by our team of assistants who work out of the Philippines, our software developers who are based in eastern Europe, and our designer in Spain.

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