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Founders Shouldn’t Blog.

Your business needs high-quality, relevant content for connecting with the right customers and selling your products. But you’ve been in business long enough to know that writing content yourself isn’t sustainable.

You can’t be the chief content creator and grow your business at the same time. As the founder, writing blog posts, newsletters, or your lead magnets has the lowest return-on-investment: it prevents you from investing your most crucial resources—your time and energy—in product development and business growth.

Outsourcing Content Shouldn’t Be Hit & Miss...

...Yet that’s what you get if you try hiring a freelancer or using a content-mill. Hit-and-miss quality, or worse: Fluff content your customers can smell from a mile.

Not to mention the headaches and time it takes to recruit, test, train, and manage your own writers. And what about all the legwork that writers don’t do, like editing, images, publishing blog posts, and distributing to your audience? Doing all that busy-work yourself will keep your to-do list underwater for months!

An Efficient & Effective Solution

The whole point of content marketing is to resonate with your best customers at a deep level and do it consistently enough to build trust. That requires a sharp focus, ongoing commitment, and an incredible amount of in-depth research to back up your promise and educate your prospects.

But how can you make that happen when, as the founder, you have so many hats to wear and hardly enough time? How do you create engaging content regularly when you need to complete or oversee a million tasks every single day?

You don’t. Because we do.

“If you’re running a business, you have a thousand things to do. Sign up with Audience Ops and never think about content again. It’s been a no-brainer for us.”

Nathan Powell, Nusii
Nathan Powell Founder, Nusii

“Our blog always took a backseat. But Audience Ops took it to another level. Traffic, email list, open-rates, they've all grown significantly. Plus it's one more thing off my plate!”

Natasa Lekic, NY Book Editors
Natasa Lekic Founder, NY Book Editors

Free Yourself to Grow Your Business

When you work with Audience Ops, you don’t just invest in high-quality content that represents your brand and attracts your perfect customers. You also buy your time back and become free again to invest it into growing your company to the level it deserves.

You didn’t get into business to spend your time writing blog posts or queuing up newsletters and social posts. It’s time you got back to focusing your invaluable time and energy on what matters the most and what you do best: growing your business and developing your products.

A Proven System

Audience Ops began with a simple mission: To make doing content marketing easy and effective for businesses.

Our proven system, streamlined process, and expert team have you covered every step of the way. From in-depth research and planning killer topics to creating search-engine optimized high-quality content, blog publishing, and distribution to your audience. All tailored for your audience, in your voice, and weaving in your key insights.

We’ve spent years refining our end-to-end content process & system so you don’t have to. In other words: Audience Ops has your content covered. Week in, week out. Custom and on-demand.

How it Works

Content Topics Planning

Free Demo & Consultation

Request a free demo and consultation call to talk about content for your business.
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Content Articles

Plan Your Content

We’ll interview you, research your customers, plan your topics calendar and get your input to ensure we're off to a great start.

Launch Content

Launch Your Content

We handle the entire process from writing, to editing, setup & scheduling, lead magnets, publishing, newsletters, social media—week in, week out.

“Audience Ops is a no-brainer for any company looking to scale with smart content delivered seamlessly. I highly recommend them and I'm very grateful for the huge impact they’ve made with our startup.”

Design Pickle
Russ Perry Founder, Design Pickle

“Our traffic has increased significantly thanks to Audience Ops. The quality has been great, and a hit with our customers. But the biggest benefit for me has been freeing up my time to focus on our product.”

Josh Ledgard, Kickoff Labs
Josh Ledgard Co-Founder, KickoffLabs

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Content Ideas Calendar

Got Ideas? ...Need Ideas?

If you’ve got ideas for content…

You can send those our way and we’ll get them launched! Just provide the topic, any keywords you want to target, and answer a few questions to guide our writer’s research. We’ll handle the rest.

If you need content ideas…

We’ll research and plan topics for you at no extra cost! Just answer a few questions about your business and our team will research and recommend a batch of new content ideas for your audience.

Done For You Content

Done-For-You From End-to-End

We don’t just produce high-quality blog content. We also handle “the works”.

That means we’ll handle every piece of the process for you. From planning and drafting, to editing, to publishing, and distribution.

Articles with “the works” include

  • Topic planning
  • Writing (~1,500 words)
  • Copy editing
  • Featured Image
  • Setup in your blog
  • Email Newsletter
  • Social Media Posts
Lead Magnets

Evergreen Lead Magnets Too...

A high-value lead magnet is essential if you want to attract email subscribers and nurture customers through your funnel, all year long and beyond.

When you need this content asset built & launched, we’ve got you covered. We’ll create an eBook, email course or a skyscraper article (your choice).

From planning the topic to writing the content to designing and launching a landing page and email automation. Get this critical piece done right.

Lead magnets include

  • Topic planning
  • Writing (~5000 words)
  • Copy editing
  • Designing the asset (eBook, email course, or skyscraper article)
  • Landing page copy

“Audience Ops makes getting quality content for our blog about as easy as imaginable. Super smooth onboarding, brainstorming, creating, review, and publishing process.”

Brett Florio, Foxy
Brett Florio CEO,

“Content marketing is an asset that we can leverage in everything we do. Audience Ops helped us build real content we can promote instead of just offers.”

Jordan Gal, CartHook
Jordan Gal Founder, CartHook

“In our first 6 months, conversions are up 30%, traffic increased steadily, and more revenue is more predictable. All a direct result of content from Audience Ops.”

Dave Rodenbaugh, Business Directory Plugin
Dave Rodenbaugh Founder, Business Directory Plugin

“Audience Ops helped us land our biggest (big name) client to date thanks to the quality of our blog content. Our SEO traffic has increased significantly and steadily too.”

Craig Hewitt, Podcast Motor
Craig Hewitt Founder, Podcast Motor

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Autopilot Service

Simple Pricing

to fit your content needs

Weekly Articles

$7,500 every 12 weeks
  • First 12 weeks: onboarding phase + 8 articles
  • First ebook (Valued at $2000)
  • Every 12 weeks after: 12 articles

Blogging Weekly

Let’s Talk

Bi-Weekly Articles

$4,000 every 12 weeks
  • First 12 weeks: onboarding phase + 4 articles
  • Option to buy first ebook at $1500 (Valued at $2000)
  • Every 12 weeks after: 6 articles

Blogging Bi-Weekly

Let’s Talk
Note: For clients who need technical content requiring more specialized knowledge, there will be a quarterly surcharge.

All Plans Include:


  • 2 calls with your writer and Content Manager
  • Research and topic planning
  • 8 initial topic ideas
  • Set up with your tools: CMS, email marketing, social accounts
  • ~4 weeks to complete

Content Creation

  • Each article is 1200-1500 words
  • Social posts to promote articles
  • Brief email newsletter for each article
  • One round of edits per article

Delivery and Distribution

  • Content delivered weekly or every other week depending on your plan
  • Additional topic planning sessions (based on your publishing frequency)
  • Option to combine 2 articles into one ~3,000 word article

Blogging Add-Ons

Ebook: $2,000
  • 2-3 topic suggestions (or you can specify the topic)
  • 4,000-5,000 words
  • One round of edits
  • Delivery via branded and designed PDF
  • You can purchase as many ebooks as you want
Case Study: $750
  • Recorded and transcribed interview of your client (~30 minutes)
  • Narrative case study (1200-1500 words)
  • One round of edits
  • Up to 10 social posts
  • You can purchase as many case studies as you want
  • Note: This is a post-onboarding add-on

Request a free demo & consultation

Start here. We’ll schedule a time for us to talk this week about content for your business.

“I loved how Audience Ops helped me shift my mindset to growing evergreen content that produces sales automatically forever.”

Allan Branch, Less Everything
Allan Branch Co-Founder, Less Everything

“I'd recommend it to any SaaS founder who needs high quality content pushed to their audience on a regular basis. It helps us stay top-of-mind with our subscribers while allowing us to concentrate on our product.”

Richard Felix, Stunning
Richard Felix Founder, Stunning

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