Buyers don’t trust brands–they trust people

Give your potential buyers proof (real stories from your happy customers) with done-for-you case studies

Establish credibility and grow trust with customer stories

Nobody can sell the value of your product better than your best customers.

They’ve felt the wins, experienced the transformations, and have reaped the rewards—all thanks to being your customer. Now it’s time to let them share with others, in their own words, why working with your business was such a good decision.

Good quality case studies take extensive effort to complete. We do the hard parts for you.

Audience Ops delivers more than just testimonials

Reasons to believe

Case studies aren’t just “quick quotes” for the website homepage. They’re a part of a growing collection of reasons to believe your company is the best solution for your prospects.

Authentic testimonials

We interview your customers to capture authentic testimonials of why they love your company. Our team finds and crafts customer stories that share their experiences and highlight your company’s role in their success. 

Compelling mediums

Choose from written, video, or a combination of both. Why opt for a video version? Because it’s incredibly powerful to watch a real person explain why your company is so great.

Success, amplified

You’ll be able to feature this undeniable proof everywhere your audience encounters your brand: on your website, in emails, on social media, your YouTube channel, in paid campaigns, etc.

Examples of our case study work

video & written case study

Menemsha Harbor uses Dockwa to automate paperwork and boost reservations

video & written case studies

Dropshipping helped these businesses grow, scale, and develop eComm stores their customers love

video & written case studies

Virtual assistants helped these leaders get back to meaningful work

video case studies

Smart upcoming charge notifications helped these merchants increase subscriber LTVs

video & written case study

Alyssa’s journey with autism has included finding the probiotic Neuralli

read and watch

video & written case study

How Toast simplified their time tracking with Timing

written case study helps Nexgel with a better design solution for their growing business

written case studies

StoreAutomator provides flexible ecomm management to its customers

What clients say about our case studies

"We are really happy with how the case study came out. At the time, we were really struggling, you know, we had hired a couple of different writers to write about autism, and we speak about autism in a very nuanced way. So when I saw your guys' writeup, I'm like, this is perfect. You guys did such a good job. Absolutely perfect. You have no idea how much of a struggle it was for me in those months. So to read something where I'm like, oh, I don't have to make any sort of big changes, this is great."
Sunny Cash
Community Director, Bened Life
"The final video and written case study were incredibly well-put together. The case study was comprehensive, padded with industry and success metrics, and told the story in a compelling and customer-centric way. The video case study was seamless -- highlighting our key unique value propositions and our customers' satisfaction and achievements made possible using the Dockwa software. The depth at which both were put together gives us future opportunities to repurpose the content in various ways - as bite-sized pieces of content for social, newsletters, and other channels."
Mary Nguyen
Sr. Director of Marketing, TheWanderlust Group
"Audience Ops did a fantastic job with creating my case studies. They scheduled the calls with my customers, recorded the interviews, and distilled my customer's testimony down into highly polished case studies. The only thing I did was provide contact information and feedback during the editing process. The end-product was fantastic."
Aaron Alfson
Founder, Valence Labs

Our case study creation process

Having someone from outside the company interview your customers helps them open up and share valuable insights. Our experts craft questions designed to get the customer’s best story, told in a way that your prospects will find relatable.

You’ll attend a kickoff meeting, connect us with customers, and provide feedback on the questions we plan to ask. We’ll handle the rest.

So… How much does it cost?

Here’s our pricing for our case studies. We offer a $200 discount if you bundle both written and video together and if you want to sign up for a subscription of monthly production, we’ll make the price even better!

Written case studies
Video case studies