About the show

Unpopular Opinion is a podcast for professionals from all walks of life who want to hear the success stories of innovators who’ve won by taking the path less traveled. In each episode, recovering journalist and content marketer Ashley Amber Sava interviews individuals who have prospered thanks to their GENUINELY unpopular opinions, despite warnings from the naysayers, threats to their careers, and colossal obstacles. All rebels are welcome.

Audience Ops produces Unpopular Opinion.

Meet the Host

Ashley Amber Sava

Ashley is an experienced content, editorial & employee communications leader. She’s also a recovering journalist and storyteller. 

What Ashley says about Audience Ops

From day one, Audience Ops has breathed passion and life into a concept that I hadn’t quite flushed out. Without their support, Unpopular Opinion would not have left the station. The legwork that goes into producing a podcast (the design, audio, visual, strategic planning,  post-production editing and technical components) is a lot to handle for someone who isn’t well-versed in the makings of a podcast. Thanks to their expertise, I can focus on the content of the episode and on giving my guests a great experience. 

Unpopular Opinion

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