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Founders Shouldn’t Blog.

Have you ever tried to be chief content creator and build your business at the same time?

It’s near impossible. It’s also ineffective. When your creative energy is spread across all areas of your business, including your company blog (that is—when you make the time for it), your content will never reach its true potential.

The whole point of content marketing is to resonate on a deep level with your people, and do it consistently. That takes focus, commitment, and thorough research to back up your words.

But how can you make this happen?

You don’t. We do.

We help product people like...

Josh Ledgard

Josh Ledgard

“Our organic search traffic has increased 32% since we started working with Audience Ops. But the biggest benefit for me has been freeing up my time to focus on our core product. The quality of the content has been great too, and some articles have been breakout hits with our customers.”
Allan Branch

Allan Branch

“I loved how the Audience Ops team helped me shift my mindset to growing evergreen content that produces sales automatically forever.”
Richard Felix

Richard Felix

“I recommend Audience Ops to any SaaS founder who wants to build their audience with high quality content on a regular basis. They’ve delivered articles that our customers love, and freed us up to focus on improving our product.”

End-to-End Content Marketing

Carefully designed to build your audience, your traffic, and your customer-base.


Customer Research & Strategy

We get inside your customer's minds to uncover the exact topics that will resonate. Then we use this research to form your content marketing roadmap.

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Marketing Automation

We'll create your educational lead magnet to attract subscribers into your audience. Then we implement smart marketing automation that converts readers to customers.

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Writing, Promotion & Management

More than just a weekly word count. We write and manage your blog and make it a list-building asset that continuously adds value to your business.

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Research & Strategy

Build content that's worthy of your customer's attention. Form an actual plan, not just a word count.

Most content marketing falls flat because it skips this essential first step: Deep customer research, forming a strategy and game plan.

Our goal, as content marketers isn't to spin up "fluff". The Internet has enough of that. What we care about is making a real connection with people who will become your customers. This requires that we get inside their minds to learn what topics will resonate and help them be successful.

Through interviews with you and your team along with plenty of research into your space, we'll get to the bottom of what truly matters to your customers.

From there, we'll form our recommendations for a comprehensive strategy. From a well-researched list of topics for your blog and lead magnet to mapping out your marketing automation funnel, you'll have a clear roadmap for how we'll grow your audience and customer-base in the months ahead.

  • Founder & team interviews
  • Industry & audience research
  • Content strategy recommendation
  • Editorial calendar
  • Marketing automation workflows

Managed Content Marketing

Get off the content "hamster wheel". We’ll keep your content growth engine running without sucking up your team’s time.

If you've been handling your company's blog in-house, then you know how exhausting it is to keep a consistent publishing schedule. Even if you've outsourced to a writer, you're still stuck feeding them topics and handling the promotion yourself.

Audience Ops is designed to give you more than just a high-quality writing team. We manage every piece of the process for you.

The articles we publish to your blog are optimized to get your target customers to join your email list. We also handle the writing and sending of your weekly email newsletter and social posts, so those channels will never go "cold". That keeps open-rates high and converts more readers to buyers.

  • Well-researched articles that resonate with your customers.
  • Article-specific "content upgrades" (targeted email opt-ins that convert like crazy)
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Social media posting
  • Monthly content marketing reports


Strategy & Launch


In the first month, we lay the foundation for growing your audience.

  • Email Course Lead Magnet
  • Audience Research
  • Content Calendar
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Onboarding, Setup & Launch

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Audience Growth


The complete package, fully managed, designed for growth.

  • Weekly blog articles
  • Weekly email newsletters
  • Content upgrade email opt-ins
  • Social media promotion
  • Monthly reports

Audience Connect


Our starter package, keeping you connected to your audience.

  • 2 blog articles per month
  • 2 email newsletters per month
  • Content upgrade email opt-ins
  • Social media promotion
  • Monthly reports

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