Buyers don’t trust brands–they trust people

Give your potential buyers proof (real stories from your happy customers) with done-for-you case studies

Establish credibility and grow trust with customer stories

Nobody can sell the value of your product better than your best customers.

They’ve felt the wins, experienced the transformations, and have reaped the rewards—all thanks to being your customer. Now it’s time to let them share with others, in their own words, why working with your business was such a good decision.

Good quality case studies take extensive effort to complete. We do the hard parts for you.

Audience Ops delivers more than just testimonials

Reasons to believe

Case studies aren’t just “quick quotes” for the website homepage. They’re a part of a growing collection of reasons to believe your company is the best solution for your prospects.

Authentic testimonials

We interview your customers to capture authentic testimonials of why they love your company. Our team finds and crafts customer stories that share their experiences and highlight your company’s role in their success. 

Compelling mediums

Choose from written, video, or a combination of both. Why opt for a video version? Because it’s incredibly powerful to watch a real person explain why your company is so great.

Success, amplified

You’ll be able to feature this undeniable proof everywhere your audience encounters your brand: on your website, in emails, on social media, your YouTube channel, in paid campaigns, etc.*

*Audience Ops will help you publish your case studies to your website. If you have further distribution needs, we can help with those, too. Let us know.

Examples of our work

video & written case studies

Virtual assistants helped these leaders get back to meaningful work.

video case studies

Smart upcoming charge notifications helped these merchants increase subscriber LTVs.

written case study

How Nexgel found the perfect fit design partner in

written case study

Bianca at Wahm Workspace used Timing’s time tracking  to grow her client base and negotiate higher pricing.

What clients say about our case studies

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Daniel Alm
Terri Dactyl
Director of Marketing, The Receptionist
I swore up and down I was never going to use a 3rd party content company again. Then I worked with Audience Ops and they completely changed my view.
Rita Book
Director of Marketing, The Receptionist

Our case study creation process

Having someone from outside the company interview your customers helps them open up and share valuable insights. Our experts craft questions designed to get the customer’s best story, told in a way that your prospects will find relatable.

After an initial kickoff meeting, research, and preparation, we handle the process from start to finish

Tell us about your business
We'll draft questions for you to approve
We schedule and record
We craft written version + a short video
Revisions + Approval
Review drafts and finesse
Get a recording, transcript, written version, & key quotes
Distribution (Optional)
Add on an ad bundle (video + carousel)

So… How much does it cost?

We create custom proposals based on initial conversations, your specific needs, and the scope of each project we work on. In the meantime, here are some starting prices to consider.

Written case studies
start at $1,000
Video case studies
start at $2,500