Why Underway Focuses on Content Creation even as a Bootstrapped Startup

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
Why Underway Focuses on Content Creation even as a Bootstrapped Startup

Have you ever thought about the boring parts of your job and wished there was a better way? Do you ever want to ditch those monotonous tasks and have more time for the fun parts of your job?

These are questions that Daniel Zacarias aimed to address when he created Underway in February, 2018. Daniel is a former Product Manager who continually heard from the readers of his blog that the busy work of being a product manager was weighing them down.

So- Daniel created a solution: Underway, a product that allows for automation of some of the everyday tasks that product managers face. 

Since founding Underway, Daniel has stayed committed to remaining bootstrapped. We discuss how he loves that this commitment forces him to be focused and show constraint with his choices for the product and the company’s resources. 

Focusing on Content Creation even when You’re Bootstrapped

Even though they are a bootstrapped startup, Daniel knows the importance of great content. Though Daniel had a blog (foldingburritos.com) prior to starting Underway, he says it was a relief when he handed off content creation to Audience Ops. Before hiring us, he wasn’t able to be consistent with publishing information and he knows the importance of producing content on a regular basis; it’s critical to building trust and authority for your brand.

On the episode we discuss how Audience Ops has helped Underway see an increase in pageviews, more activity on social media, and growth to the top of the sales funnel. As the founder of Underway, and still a one-man-band who is doing just about everything, Daniel shares about how he’s worked productively with Audience Ops and the importance of giving us autonomy in the work we do. 


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