Buffer’s Long-Game Content Strategy Case Study w/ Ash Read

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
Buffer's Long-Game Content Strategy Case Study w/ Ash Read

Today you’re going to hear my conversation with Ash Read; he runs content over at Buffer, the very popular social media scheduling tool.

They are also known for their content marketing effort which they have done since day one of their company, and they’ve been around for several years.

They have grown a high-traffic blog with a high user base, a very large email subscriber base, and we’re going to hear what it’s like to run a content marketing operation with such a high volume of people in your audience.

It’s really interesting because Buffer covers a wide variety of topics from social media to marketing in general, digital marketing, even life hacks, health, entrepreneurship, and all sorts of topics.

It’s interesting to hear how they manage such a wide variety and high volume of their communications.

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