Combining Blog Content & Webinars to Win a Niche w/ Jono Landon (Hubbli)

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
Combining Blog Content & Webinars to Win a Niche w/ Jono Landon (Hubbli)

Today you’re going to hear my conversation with Jono Landon; he is the founder of

Hubbli is a software solution for school administrators to help them better communicate between parents and teachers, and administer all the other moving parts that go into running a school, whether it’s a Montessori school, as they’ve been focused on, the public school systems, smaller private schools, you name it.

Jono and I had a really good conversation about his approach to marketing funnels, and he’s done really well with paid traffic, to landing pages using Facebook ads, and he’s also done really well with a webinar strategy which we got into quite a bit.

Over the years, he’s been able to incorporate content marketing, both to grow his organic traffic, and also to leverage his content in with his other paid traffic and webinar strategies, and we’ll get into how exactly he integrated the two in this conversation.

There’s a lot of really good tactical tips in this interview.


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