How Drip Used Content Marketing Strategically w/ Zach Grove

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
How Drip Used Content Marketing Strategically w/ Zach Grove

You’re going to hear my conversation with Zach Grove from Drip, the popular email marketing tool.

When we recorded this, it was late 2016, and it was a couple of months out when Drip was acquired by Leadpages.

We talked about how Zach has been running the content marketing strategy for Drip well before the acquisition. We also talked about the adjustments they made in their strategy, which has been working well, and continuing on with that when they joined Leadpages.

They’ve continued to be effective during the transition; they’ve done a good mix of educational content on their blog and using email marketing effectively, because they are, after all, an email marketing tool.

They’ve also done case studies on the Drip blog, and they even did one on me about a year ago, which was kinda cool.


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