Driving Continuous Consulting Leads With Content w/ Nils Vinje (Glide Consulting)

by Brian Casel

I’m talking to Nils Vinje of Glide Consulting.

Nils has been a customer success expert; he’s had tremendous success in that role. He’s been VP of that role for various SaaS companies.

He established his own consultancy, Glide Consulting LLC, and today he consults with companies on expanding, optimizing, and making their customer success more efficient.

We talked all about his transition from the full-time VP role into a consultancy, getting his first clients, how he was able to leverage his personal network, and then build on that and grow his audience and lead flow almost exclusively using lead marketing. first doing in-house for a year, and then working with AudienceOps for a while

The most insightful portion of this conversation was how Nils provided his outsourced writing team with great insight into their target customers and their personas; helping the writers get inside their minds and getting inside Nils’ mind as well to be able to write in his voice and pull out those key nuggets of information that his clients value which lead to email subscribers. leads, trust, and ultimately clients.