Ruben Gamez on his Methodic Content Strategy That Grew Bidsketch

by Brian Casel


You’re going to hear my conversation Ruben Gamez with from Bidsketch.

Ruben started, bootstrapped, and grew Bidsketch to be the leading proposal software on the web today. He did it over several years, and he had a lot of success with content marketing.

He grew and leveraged his email list, and he was very methodical, careful, and focused on high quality content.

We also focused a lot on how they structured the site, the strategic placement of the email opt-in box, it’s an interesting tactic which I took from his playbook after speaking to him. It’s effective, so you might want to check that out.

We also talked about producing high-quality content, outsourcing content, figuring out the process for content planning and figuring out what resonates with his target audience, and how that may change over time, as it has for Ruben and Bidsketch over the past couple of years.