HelpScout’s Educational Content Strategy Case Study w/ Devin Bramhall

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
HelpScout's Educational Content Strategy Case Study w/ Devin Bramhall
Today you’re going to hear my conversation with Devin Bramhall from Help Scout.

Helpscout is the popular helpdesk tool, which we use at AudienceOps to communicate with our clients on our content service.

Devin runs Helpscout’s content marketing strategy, and aside from creating a really popular, awesome tool, they’ve become widely known for their content on their blog. They’ve done a really good job of building an amazing audience and email list, building a lot of trust through educational articles, as well as these in-depth resource hubs.

I am impressed with how they organize their site layout, especially when it comes to their blog. their lead magnets, and these extra resource pages.

Devin and I talked about their organizational and planning strategies, how they work within a team, and how they get inside their audience’s brains to come up with great content for them.

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