Hiten Shah on Content Marketing from Starting to Scaling

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
Hiten Shah on Content Marketing from Starting to Scaling

Today you’re going to hear my conversation with Hiten Shah He’s the very well known serial founder/entrepreneur.

He has tons of wisdom, everytime I talk to him, hear him talk on his podcast, read his email newsletter, or just see him speak, you can see he knows his stuff, especially when it comes to content marketing.

He’s an industry expert, and he’s seen the whole content marketing strategy, and how it’s evolved over the years, and he along with it as he’s gone from company to company.

We’ve talked a lot about his work in the early days of building his company; Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, and some new stuff that he’s working on this year, and going forward.

He also shared how he leveraged content to gain early traction for those products, and how he worked with a team to scale up his content marketing efforts.

Hiten knows his stuff at every level of the company building process.

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