How Outsourcing Content Creation Brings Big ROI for The Receptionist

Audience Ops Podcast
Audience Ops Podcast
How Outsourcing Content Creation Brings Big ROI for The Receptionist
How do you grow when the industry you serve is massive? And how do you put the right people and vendors in place so that you’re not doing it all yourself? That’s what we’re talking about on this episode of the Audience Ops podcast. We’re joined by two of the team members of The Receptionist: Andy Alsop, President, CEO, and Founder, and Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing. 

The Receptionist is a Visitor Management Software company based out of Denver, CO, which Andy took over in 2015. When he first took over, he was doing everything himself which he couldn’t sustain for long. Since that time, he’s been able to get the right people in the right positions, which has allowed him to be future-prepping for where The Receptionist is going. 

In Marketing, Michael has been working to scale the growth of the company and we chat quite a bit about content development and how Audience Ops fits into that strategy. 

The Receptionist is focused on humans first, and radical support

While The Receptionist is one of many options in the visitor management space, what makes them unique is that they have strong core values that influence everything they do; they run the company from a human-first perspective and aim to support customers better than they’ve ever been supported. In fact, they trademarked the term Radical Support to describe the level and kind of support they give. 

On the episode, you’ll learn more about how The Receptionist approaches growth in a large industry, the role that content plays in their strategies, and how they’ve worked efficiently and productively with Audience Ops for both podcasting and blogging, bringing us on as one of their sharp shooters.


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