Tactical Content Marketing That Drives Sales w/ Justin McGill (LeadFuze)

by Brian Casel


You’re going to hear my conversation with Justin McGill who’s the founder of LeadFuze.

They are a software platform which enables you to automate a process of sales outreach, specifically you can automate prospecting, building a prospecting list, and sending out emails to cold prospects, follow-ups, and all of it.

They started out as a service and transitioned to software platform. Throughout the journey of building LeadFuze, Justin and his team have executed effectively on content marketing, that’s what worked best for them.

We got tactical in this interview, Justin wanted to detail how they go about structuring every blog post, coming up with topics, formatting, optimizing, publishing, distributing, and promoting every piece of content on their blog, and leveraging content upgrades, lead magnets, email marketing.

Really tactical stuff and great detail from Justin.